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Athlete Strength and Conditioning

The young athlete has a speed component developmental optimal window of 8-10 years old.

You obtain 90% of your coordination and concepts of acceleration by age 12.

However, according to research and the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, there is a specific time in which strength training should be emphasized over other elements of athletic development.

5 key elements that developing athletes need to focus on over the course of their growth. Each sport has an ideal percentage distribution of emphasis of the 5 elements. These elements are known as the 5 S's:  Skill, Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Suppleness. Each has a critical window of trainability which when optimized creates a lifelong ability that is never forgotten- much like learning to ride a bike!

During this important time in a child's life, youth athletes are in their 'skill hungry' years! The body is primed for new information and ready to ingrain new movement patterns.

According to LTAD specialists, the window of trainability for strength occurs for males within 12 to 18 months after reaching peak height velocity, or their big growth spurt. For females, the strength window occurs when they reach peak weight velocity ( weight gain during puberty).

That is not to say that strength training should not be done at any other time during growth development. Quite the contrary-various types of strength training should be trained accordingly, among the other 5 S’s. At a younger age, the emphasis should be placed on body control and movement, and spatial awareness. And of course after the reaching growth maturity, strength training should be capitalized using varying progressions and intensifications and periodized accordingly throughout the year, but the sooner that strength training is optimized, the better the long term results. Teaching youth athletes to train properly, and with purpose!

An effective strength and conditioning program is an essential component of the preparation of any athlete

A proper strength and conditioning training program can make anyone faster, stronger, more powerful and better at any sport. Professional and amateur athletes in all sports at all levels, from club teams to professional leagues, need the assistance of expert personal trainers in order to excel.

Our 60 minute strength and conditioning program is designed to introduce and create foundations of overall athleticism in a fun, positive, and high success environment. Our class places a high priority on athletic coordination, balance, functional strength, speed and explosiveness.

Areas of focus include:

Performance Training

  • Speed – Running mechanics and agility

  • Power – Strength training and plyometrics

  • Conditioning – Proper conditioning to improve work capacity

  • Flexibility – Increasing joint and muscle strength and durability

Performance Testing

  • Vertical jump

  • 10-yard acceleration

  • Muscular strength

Injury Prevention

  • Identify areas of weakness and develop corrective strategies

  • Regeneration – Aid in workout recovery to keep the body ready to perform each day

  • Prehab exercises – Target areas of the body to help prevent injuries


  • Nutrition 101 – Understand how to fuel and hydrate the body to achieve peak performance before, during, and after games and practices

Please contact us directly for more information on our strength and conditioning programs.

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