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Lisa Roberts~Owner


I have a true passion for working out and love to educate people on all aspects of fitness and nutrition. I have struggled with being overweight and know what it takes to become healthy. I believe the best in everyone, and I teach them to believe in themselves. I have been a personal trainer since 2009.  I specialize in educating women to feel comfortable lifting in the gym. I also specialize in muscle hypertrophy, fat loss, Bootcamp style workouts, nutrition and prep/posing for Figure Bodybuilding.  I have competed in Figure Bodybuilding in Idaho and Washington, and I have coached several women in competition.

I am married and have two daughters. We recently moved to the area in 2015 and love it here. My husband also enjoys working out, especially when we can workout together. I am a happy, energetic, positive, patient person. I am excited to help you transform your body and get the results that you desire. I know you can do it, and I can help you!


Trainer Bio:
  •  Certified Master Personal Trainer

  •  Certified Sports Nutritionist

  •  Corrective Exercise Specialist

  •  Certified Trigger Point Specialist

  •  Health Coach

  •  Bodybuilding Coach

  •  NGA & AFBB Figure        Bodybuilding Competitor


Kailea Parry

Lifting and nutrition have changed my life and I am excited to spark that in others!

My own fitness odyssey has taught me much and has fueled my desire to empower and support others in discovering their own strengths and abilities!

Our little military family PCS'd to Mountain Home in 2017 and consists of my husband, myself and our two special needs dogs.

I have a true passion for educating clients - lets start your journey today!




Trainer Bio:
  •     Advanced Personal Trainer

  •    Training Manager

  •    Certified Sports Nutritionist

  •    Class Instructor

  •    Meal Plan Design


Veronica Bravo

Trainer Bio:
  •     Certified Personal Trainer

  •    Class Instructor

  •    Meal Plan Design

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